Press Release: Community Hearing to Defrock Tainted Monk – Saturday, September 19, 2020.

Lao Global Heritage Alliance (LGHA) in collaboration with the Lao Buddhist community members will be performing the historical religious ceremony/hearing to defrock (disrobe) a tainted monk.

WHEN: Saturday, September 19, 2020 from 01:00PM to 05:00 PM EST

WHERE: Manassas Park Parks & Recreation, 99 Adams Street, Manassas, VA 20111

On Saturday, September 19, 2020, the Lao Global Heritage Alliance (LGHA), in collaboration with the Buddhist community members are preparing to perform the historical religious ceremony/hearing to disrobe Phonexay Mingsisouphanh – the Deputy Abbott of Wat Lao Buddhavong, Virginia.

Phonexay Mingsisouphanh has been accused by the temple community of violating numbers of Vinaya. Based on the Vinaya, the body of monastic rules and traditions binding every ordained Buddhist monk, the four transgressions resulting in penalty of automatic disrobing are:

1. Engaging in sexual misconduct.

2. Stealing something of value (including smuggling, cheating, or deliberate avoiding payment of a tax).

3. Intentionally bringing about the death of a human being.

4. Lying to another person that one has attained a superior human state.

Violation of second Vinaya – Stealing something of Value:

Based upon written affidavit, Phonexay Mingsisouphanh is accused of violating the second cardinal precept of stealing. Stealing is defined as “taking something of value without the consent of the owner”, which includes smuggling, cheating, or deliberately avoiding payment of a tax.

As the appointed estate administrator for Kuba Chom Taengsap’s estate, he failed to distribute over $369,000 of the settlement benefits owed to Kuba Chom’s surviving family members according to affidavit received from them. Additionally, he was sued by the state of Virginia for falsifying estate reports. These actions clearly demonstrate he intentionally violated this monastic rule.

Violation of other Vinaya, immoral, and unethical conducts:

Mingsisouphanh is accused of continuing to exhibit immoral and unethical conduct unbecoming of a monk, including:

Lying to solicit donations in a deceptive manner and has used the money collected for purposes not intended by the donors.

  • Lying to solicit donations in a deceptive manner and has used the money collected for purposes not intended by the donors.
  • Concealing immoral activities from the community and members through non-transparency of management and ignoring the community’s appeals for transparency and fair elections.
  • Abusing of power and authority by unilaterally banning members from the temple property, as well as barring them from their place of worship and from performing religious ceremonies, including not being able to visit their parents’ stupas.
  • Resorting to bullying tactics by engineering a campaign to silence individuals with knowledge of his nefarious activities with lawsuits against a resident monk and a community member, both cases were dismissed by a district court judge due to their frivolous nature.
  • Unlawfully evicting Kuba La, a monk from the temple which was his place of residence for over a decade.  Phonexay Mingsisouphanh, with his apparent consent as a Deputy Abbott, the police were called to chase Kuba La out or face arrest. Kuba La was escorted out of Wat Lao Buddhavong by the police, arrested and spent one night in jail. This made Kuba La essentially homeless and he had to stay at the shelter.
  • Filing a lawsuit against seven members of the temple community which cause them severe emotional distress and financial loss.
  • Authorizing  no trespassing orders to over 30 temple community members preventing them from worship at the temple.
  • Gathering administrative power by rewriting bylaws to eliminate the voting rights of the General Assembly and the ability to nominate members of the Board of Directors.
  • Unwilling to fulfill his responsibilities to meet with General Assembly and refusing to mediate conflicts.
  • In order to legitimize and justify his unilaterally adopted decisions, Mingsisouphanh selected additional Directors and Officers (not by Fair Election) in April 2020. He displays a boundless contempt for the perspective and feelings of the faithful members of the Wat Lao Buddhavong.

In addition, Mingsisouphanh has been accused of violating the first cardinal precept of engaging in unlawful sexual misconduct with minor and with other individuals for more than a decade, according to testimonials from the victims.

Today, we, Lao Global Heritage Alliance and Lao Buddhist community members of Washington DC Area and cross the nation, are concerned that the Deputy Abbott Phonexay Mingsisouphanh has violated and continues to choose at the same time to deliberately ignore the basic code of monastic discipline.

We are concerned that Phonexay Mingsisouphanh’s misconduct and wrongdoing resulted in the temple losing its reputation and the trust of the community and a general feeling of mistrust and disrespect toward Buddhism. The decision to hold this ceremony/hearing does not come lightly. Mingsisouphanh’s actions left the community no choice but to initiate the disrobing (defrocking) process to determine if he remains qualified to serve as a Buddhist monk. 

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